The purpose of this site…

Okay, so I wanted an outlet where I could let my creativity stand on its own and also get some feedback on what I’m currently writing about at any given time. This is the fruit of that thinking:

I’m currently working on a collection of stories that take place in a fictional, futuristic city called Savyer. The first set of stories, chronicling the adventures of a two-bit thief and burglar turned hero turned super hero, reads like a comic book and the second and third play out more like a full fledged novel, but it’s all the same — me practicing the art of storytelling.

There is a little something for everyone in Savyer City. There’s action and adventure, love and hate, the embracing of life as well as the extinguishing of it, familial bonds – some strong, some severed – and a whole hell of a lot of fun. Oh yeah, Savyer City is a painfully raw place where the bad guys far outnumber the good ones so there are a lot of situations and language I wouldn’t want my three and four year olds reading so I would encourage some discretion on the part of the reader.

Umm.. Leave a comment or some feedback if you like and thank you for visiting.


also, sometimes i will post a song that goes with a certain story or the song i drew inspiration from when writing or plotting a story so as to draw the reader in a bit more, not distract them from the plot or anything. enjoy!


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