The SuperAwesomeVigilante… Guy in: “Que Onda, Guero?”

The SuperAwesomeVigilante… Guy


“Que Onda, Guero?”

 by chris johnson


Panel 1

Interior of car – SAV Guy is sitting in a cab looking through the window impatiently.

SAV: Come on… Come on…

SAV: Santo! Why aren’t we moving?


Cabbie: Is the cockfight, Mister SAV. I can no move the coche.

Panel 2

Close shot/small shot – SAV’s gloved hands fumbling with a super high tech holographic palm sized tablet. The hologram hovering above the tablet shows a Google Maps image of New Mexico City and depicts that it is 35 miles from Savyer City. [I sort of need there to be a trail leading from Savyer City to New Mexico City to show that SAV is on the trail of something even though we don’t know his goal yet.]

SAV: Hmm… My shiny new holo-tablet says traffic should be clear at this time of day…

SAV: Wait–


Panel 3

Wide shot/Medium shot – Panel opens up to reveal Santo staring enthralled at two roosters (depict them both like comedically glorious warriors) pecking and clawing at each other in the foreground while in the background The entertained cabbie and an irate SAV Guy are depicted on looking.

SAV: They’re on the side of us! They’re not even in your way!

Cabbie: No, Senor SAV. Is no safe. I could hit Little Gary Coleman. He’s a champion.

SAV: Where are their owners? Why don’t they have owners?! How can there be roosters cockfighting in the middle of the street with no human supervision?!

Cabbie: Is what they do.

Panel 4

Wide shot – SAV is upset but not irate anymore as he mumbles under his breath while stepping from the cab. The driver is no longer paying any attention to SAV, pumping a fist in the air to root for his favorite fighter.

SAV: You, sir, will not be receiving a tip.

Cabbie (background): Go, little Gary, go!

SAV: But I’m sure I’ll have use for the one you gave me.

Panel 5

Close shot/Small shot – The deviously smiling Little Gary Coleman has revealed/produced a blade (see “cock-fighting” reference picture) from his already sharply clawed foot.

CAP SAV: “After all…”

Panel 6

Reaction shot/Small shot – The other rooster is sort of confused with a fearful look on his face.

CAP SAV: “This place isn’t exactly Disneyland.”

SFX: Baw…?


Panel 1

Frontal shot of SAV as he walks down the New Mexican City street, clumsy pressing random buttons with his gloved fingers. He is oblivious to the various residents/citizens looking strangely at him. [Bethany, You have the loose design for SAV but it should be noted that he wears two large caliber old west style revolvers  holstered at either side in his thigh holsters.]

SFX (background): KAWWWWWK!

SAV: Hmm… The Mayor’s– [Ahem] —my holo says there’s a store up ahead. And while a super cool mask and trench coat might work at home in Savyer…

Panel 2

Large shot – Angled from a few feet away and not quite level – SAV appears in the doorway having just stepped from the clothing store dressed as a singer/guitar player in a mariachi band with an oversized flannel button up shirt over his uniform. The top button of the shirt is the only one buttoned like an L.A gangster. SAV has an over-the-top Mexican mustache plastered over his mask and is wearing a large, colorful mariachi sombrero on his head that matches his mariachi uniform under the open (except the top button) flannel shirt. An acoustic guitar matching the sombrero is strapped to his back. He should be facing the camera and looking down at an angle toward it, posing for the shot as if he’s got all the answers and smiling a devious, mustached smile through his stocking mask.

CAP SAV: “I’m gonna need a disguise if I want to navigate the mean streets of New Mexico unmolested!”

SAV: Sup.

SFX (from holo-tablet): SUAAAAAA-VAMENTEEEEEE!

Panel 2

Close shot – SAV POV – He looks at his holo-tablet.

On Screen:

Ident Generator — Build 3.2.2

dimension: number 3 (Earth).

Location: New Mexico.

Territory: Texas.

Ident: Mervan Juanson.

SAV (Off Panel): Let’s see. I need a new ident…

Student (Off Panel): What is the meaning of this mockery?!

Panel 3

Across the street, a group of well dressed, high school aged kids are studying outside. One of them has walked up to SAV with a confused and offended look on his face.

SAV: What? I couldn’t decide which disguise was best so I went with the best of both worlds approach. I mean–

SAV: Hola, senor. My nombre ees Mervan Juanson.

Student: Dude. I Cannot in good conscience let you walk down the street in that garb. The Chupacabra will–

Panel 4

SAV cuts him off, placing an arm around the surprised/confused student’s shoulder.

SAV: With great power comes powerfully inspirational verbiage, homie. Now…

SAV: [ahem!]

Panel 5

Close shot/Small shot – SAV smirks like he has just made his point, grooming his mustache with his thumb and forefinger.

SAV: Are you a Mexican

SAV: or are you a Mexican’t?

Panel 6

Reaction shot/small shot – The student is extremely upset and has confused rage in his eyes. Behind him, his study group is standing now and they all have varying degrees of annoyed/angry/who-the-hell-does-this-guy-think-he-is? looks on their faces.


Panel 1

SAV has just rounded a corner into a secluded alley. It is darker here and he can hide out from his “aggressors”.

SAV: luckily, with great power in my legs comes a four minute mile. Those street hoods didn’t look too tough, but just because I could have beat them to a pulp doesn’t mean I should–


Panel 2

Large panel (for dialogue to fit between them) – SAV is surprised to see a life sized hologram of The Mayor (of Savyer City) standing before him, emanating from the holo-tablet.

SAV: Oh!

Mayor: So you’re the one who took my holo.

SAV: Uh… yeah… about that…

Mayor: Whatever you need to get the job done, SAV Guy. Ask next time though, huh?

Mayor: So. how goes the monster hunting?

SAV: Uh… yeah… about that…

Mayor: Look, I really need you to take care of this threat before it makes its way to my city. You’re Savyer’s Savior. People are depending on you.

Mayor: As you know, I’m up for reelection this year.

Panel 3

Behind the back shot – SAV POV – SAV is standing, looking up at a large (8 or 9 feet tall), hairy creature as the holo-tablet conversation ends and The Mayor blinks out of existence. [You have some freedom to have with this character’s looks.]

Mayor (from holo-tablet): Get it done!


SAV: What was it Santo told me to say if I wanted to avoid confrontation with grace and tact? Oh!

Panel  5

Over the shoulder shot – Chupacabra POV – SAV looks up at the monstrous Chupacabra.

SAV: Que onda, guero?

Panel 6

Chupacabra snarls and winds back a head sized claw in preparation to smack/punch SAV.


Panel 1

Wide shot – SAV’s body crashes through the large glass window of a restaurant.


Panel 2

Close shot – SAV’s gloved hand grabs the sombrero from some debris on the floor. Shreds of SAV’s flannel shirt can be seen hanging off his arm/on the floor mixed with the debris.

SAV (Off Panel): Okay…

Panel 3

Close shot – Waist up, neck down shot/Strictly torso – SAV shrugs off the ripped flannel gangster shirt.

SAV (Off Panel): Diplomacy has failed us…

Panel 4

Small shot – SAV is on a knee attempting to stand, placing his sombrero back on his head and obscuring his face in shadow as he does so. Dust, glass and other debris is falling from his shoulders.

SAV: Now…

Panel 5

Medium shot/Action shot – SAV, with half his mustache falling off, is pointing forward accusingly.

SAV: Grace and tact be damned!

Panel 6

Large shot/Action shot/Side shot – SAV has leaped through the broken glass window and is firing both of his large caliber revolvers, arms outstretched toward his waiting enemy. [I would like the leap to be Deadpool-esque, bent knees and straight arms with a highly animated face beneath the stocking mask.] The Chupacabra should be waiting on the other side of the panel with bared teeth/fangs, claws at the ready and his stance should say, “Come on, I’m ready!”

SAV: It’s confrontation time!



Panel 1

Close shot – The head of the Chupacabra has been thrown onto a large steel desk. Papers and pens and various other “desk stuff” including a speaker phone system surround the severed and bleeding head.

SAV (Off Panel): Here it is.



Panel 2

The Mayor looks semi-disgustedly down at the head. SAV stands before him, still in mariachi attire.

Mayor: SAV? What the hell are you wear–?

SAV: don’t ask.

Mayor: I know I equipped you with sedatives, tranquilizers and–

SAV: Couldn’t be helped.

Mayor: Okay. You did your city a service today, SAV Guy.

Panel 3

The Mayor offers SAV a tray of corn dogs.

Mayor (Off Panel): Corn dog?

SAV: Not hungry.

Mayor: You always eat everything in the office when you come here. Go on. Have yourself a corn dog. You’ve earned it.

SAV: Put ‘em in a bag.

Panel 4

Frontal shot – SAV is leaving the Mayor’s office with a doggie bag. A secretary is leaning over the counter calling to SAV from behind.

CAP SAV: “I’ll take them to go.”

Secretary: Thank you for always cleaning up this city, Super Awesome Vigilante… um… Guy!

Panel 5

The lighting of the room should be a bit darker now, more nefarious feeling. Background: The Mayor is still seated behind his desk with the phone to his ear. Foreground: The back of the monster’s head has a bar code on it. The letters “TPC” can be seen branded/burned into the skin/fur.

Mayor: You’re going to want to abduct a new test subject for Operation SadFace.

Mayor: The city’s super hero just killed your old one.


CAP SAV: “If that’s what I did today, clean up the city…”


Panel 1

Splash shot – Full frontal/pin up of SAV in his mariachi outfit, sombrero and all, sadly chewing with a mouth full of corn dog as he waits for the limo ride home. In the arm down at his side, he is holding the doggy bag from the Mayor’s office and in the other hand is a corn dog with one bite taken from it.

CAP SAV: “Why do I feel so dirty?”



[Notes on the surroundings of the shot]

Savyer City (see reference picture) is a city on top of a city, similar to Spider-Man 2099’s New York. The mag cars speed by on a magnetic track (colorful, neon blue/violet highways) called the SkyLane and people wait at platforms for their transportation, which comes to them when they input their ident into the system terminals.

The platform SAV is waiting at is directly in front of the Mayor’s office, a big white office type of building.

The terminal should look like a metallic podium and the screen is facing SAV so the reader can’t see it.


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